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Jalen Parker Entertainment

Entertainment Company

Jalen Parker Entertainment is an entertainment company devoted to molding and developing young artist and musicians. Founded by Jalen Parker, he knew that so many young people and adults find themselves depending on engineers, songwriters, and producers. With Jalen Parker Entertainment you learn those skills from people who come from similar backgrounds. We teach and help develop not only your musicianship, but your character. Because the company is helping the youth and more, the company and their connections can be utilized completely free of charge.

Our Story

Founded by Jalen Parker, Mr. Parker grew up in the industry and after understanding

some of the struggles of an artist/musician/creative, he decided to learn how to do almost everything himself. Produce, engineer, mix, master, and etc, all things that essential to have success in the music industry. After listening to others and experiencing for himself, Mr. Parker realized the amount of money spent on engineers and producers and etc. are sometimes over priced and can occasionally be a waste of time. Furthermore, Mr. Parker developed an idea to create a FREE entertainment company to help guide and mold creatives and individuals alike. A place where you are taught how to mix, master, produce, and understand who you are in your musicianship. Along with giving you connections to help grow as a person and a creative.

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