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About Jalen Parker

Jalen Parker is a singer, songwriter, recording artist, dancer, and actor, from Savannah, Ga. Jalen has been singing and dancing since the age of four. Jalen started acting years later because of my interest in television as a child. As a result, Jalen moved out to California to pursue my dreams, on becoming an entertainer. Shortly after he started to produce music, then started to write music. Threw the years Jalen have been seen in a series of projects, "Dance Moms", "Straight Out Of Compton", "Clash Of Karts" on Disney Channel and more. Jalen Parker is looking to take the industry by store with his soothing and smooth vocals reminiscent of a NEYO, Usher, meets Chris Brown and Frank Ocean vibe. Jalen's passion for is craft is definitely heard through his music.

Call Now: 917-365-9171
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