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 First Official Album

Availble for Everywhere
Divergent Album Cover.jpg

About "Divergernt"

Jalen Parker’s first official album is set to drop August 1st,  is called “Divergent”. Jalen named the title “Divergent” because the album is different from anything he’s ever released. Jalen’s definition of divergent “ Is to be different, or to develop in different directions”. “My approach to this album was completely different than how I’d originally arranged the project”. He continued “This album is the best project I’ve put out to date. “Divergent” is meant to shock you, and it’s meant to take you on a journey.” Divergent currently available for pre-order on iTunes.




Jalen Parker's First EP "ERA" (2019)

The EP “ERA”, is about trial, error, and learning from your mistakes. Once you’ve learned from your mistakes and faults, you realize you don’t have to carry it with you anymore and that a new “Era” has begun. Which means new acquaintances, new lessons, new experiences, new priorities, and new goals.

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